Estonian Dating: Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage

If you can not find the means of funds to be able to visit the beautiful country of Estonia, you can always start by browsing the web for Estonian dating sites. Estonia is one of the 3 Baltic republics, along with Latvia and Lithuania. It has a population of 1.3 million and a unique culture. Being one of the richest countries in Europe, it attracts not only job-seekers but also men who are looking for a gorgeous beloved.

The government, on its side, does its best to support sports competitions and healthy lifestyle promotions. They like having a busy life where they always have something to do. It is in your very best interests to get used to it.

Information On Estonian Dating

They have their own attitude towards conventional values. Still, the good news is that the divorce rate is better now than several years ago. Much is complicated in this country, but that doesn’t make Estonian women less appealing. Because of their beauty Estonian women most beautiful are popular among European men. Additionally to the influence of their genes, ladies in Estonia are perfectionists and take good care of their appearance.

  • Despite looking a bit cold and arrogant, Estonian beauties are known for being perfect wives and mothers with traditional values.
  • Also, they are very romantic and love spending time in nature.
  • Estonia’s countryside and people have an endearing gentleness about them which you fall in love with slowly and imperceptibly.
  • Instead, have patience — your gorgeous lady will open up eventually; it just may take her longer than you’d expect.
  • After all, this person won’t be a complete stranger to you.
Estonian Dating: Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Estonians’ courage and determination to survive despite centuries of repression, tyranny and foreign occupation. This blog aims to promote Estonian news, history and culture and seeks to enlighten readers about everything this unique country has to offer. The vision of a family is another thing that makes American and Estonian women different. Estonian ladies highly value the family bond and aspire to dedicate themselves to family relationships. American women are more selfish in this aspect and mostly don’t want to have many kids. They have their reasons for such choices, but a man is prone to fall in love with a girl who puts the family relationships before herself. Family is one of the main values in the culture of locals.

One of the facts that explain the low rates is the first age marriage increase among Estonian women. Interestingly, this age was about 20 in 1979, and in more than 30 years, the age increased up to 13 years. She also has an above-average height and strong physics that still looks feminine. This kind of beauty can be easily explained by an interesting blend of Scandinavian, Danish and German features. No wonder that you can’t but fall in love with one of them the moment you see her.

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Being somewhere in the middle between disciplined ladies and hot chicks, Estonian women are not afraid of saying what’s on their mind. This is where dating Estonian women can turn into a real challenge. Behind the cold appearance, you will discover a real volcano. Nevertheless, with an in-born sense of discipline, Estonian ladies are perfect candidates for European dating and marriage. While our platform is independent and free to use, we may place links to services and companies that provide with a commission.

Before visiting these areas in Estonia, be sure to hire on a tour guide or pick up a brochure for the area you and your friends plan to visit. Get to know, be curious, and respectful to the culture of your woman as it’s extremely important to her. Estonian ladies love to cook, and they show their love through delicious homemade food. So, better come over with an empty stomach, as it’s considered rude to say no to such a treat. Meeting the friends and family comes a lot later in the relationship, once they have decided that you might be the one. Estonian men are very family-oriented people and they take both family and romantic love seriously.

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Estonian Dating: Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage

She has published over 500 articles on international dating in English and German. She likes to focus on cross-cultural relationships, common or trending dating issues, and dating scams. Meeting an Estonian woman does not necessarily have to be a difficult task, especially if you have chosen to visit the country on your vacation. As this country mostly consists of women, finding one will not be a difficult task. Estonian girls do not fit the myths about European females who, as they say, never do makeup and do not wear high heels. In Estonia, women do all this, which does not prevent them from looking very attractive and independent. Women of Estonia observe national traditions and look great in national costumes.

You can also have a walk at Tammsaare Park that is located between Viru Kesus and Solaris. This is the place where lots of women meet to have some quality time together. Western men who decide to visit Estonia always pay attention to Estonia women.

How well do Estonian girls speak English?

They do not talk about their feeling, they do not talk about their plans , and they almost never introduce you to their families and even friends. For an American woman, it is a sign that your man is proud to say that you are his girlfriend and that he will not hide you from the rest of the world. In Estonia, theater tickets are very affordable and young people have the culture of going to see the shows. They will take time to build up the emotion and take you to new levels of enjoyment.

American men can roughly be divided into two categories – machos and metrosexuals. Besides, Estonian girls know that almost every American man looks great and smells good with pleasant cologne. When dating Estonian women, you should be aware that they are not eloquent and are often comfortable with silence. However, they can be fun and outgoing, especially when they have a drink. If you managed to break the ice and make your Estonian girl smile, then you have succeeded while many others have not. Girls from Estonia might seem to be indecisive and reluctant, but they do not like to be pushed. If the woman you like is not ready for the rapid development of events, take your time and pause.

Still, it’s one of the few countries in Europe that remain more or less mono-ethnic. Estonia is fond of music and appreciates it very much. What’s more important, the songs of these places are truly unique and original.